Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lenten Practice, bringing the Jesuit Center Home

check out the time

doing what I do there, Wernersville that is...

1.  Turn on the i Pod and go to tune 21, then stretch out and listen to music and breathe.

2.  Draw cards.  I have a history of drawing many cards while at the Jesuit Center.  Now I am 21-ing people at work.  I printed out a copy of the school's phone directory and while I did choose the first person to get a card, but then I counted 21 names and drew the next card, then again, then again.  When I reach 21, I may be staring at a name that brings on a variety of reactions, but that is part of the exercise.  The 21 gets a card.  I sign the card, then write hope and peace on the envelope and stick it in their mail slot.

March is going to be crazed.  An on-line class on teaching physics has begun and will end the first week of April.  Three craft shows in four weeks.  And there is that ever present day job as a teacher.  So can I afford to listen to jazz with God and to step into the studio and not work on a commission or a piece for a show?  The bigger question is,  what if I said I didn't have time for these things?

so the question from God becomes, Shall We Tango?


  1. Love the image of a tango with God!

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, it was the last photo I took and though I liked the one at 7:19 better...

  3. first time i have ever heard a jazz tango.

    1. ahhh, more of my life's work has been completed ;')

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    1. Thanks Robin. I was feeling rather spirited yesterday when I wrote it


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