Monday, February 20, 2012

Mystical Monday: Saint Francis connects me to Joni Mitchell

Translations by Daniel Ladinsky


There are beautiful wild forces within us.

Let them turn the mills inside
and fill

that feed even

St. Francis of Assisi

I am enjoying the evening ventures into the love poems sent from God through St Francis.  As a Pennsylvania German I was not trained in running wild with forces that reside within me.  There have been moments though.  

And in my studio when a new design emerges, does God feed on the bread of life.  If this is the case, I am a happy man.

May your forces find outlets so we can turn giant stones that grind our talents, not into dust, but into flour.

peace and hope

and what come to my mind as I sit here, this Joni Mitchell tune, not heard in years, which may have planted a seed or two:

Wild Things Run Fast

by Joni Mitchell

He came
She smiled
She thought she had him tamed
But he was just as wild
Eating from her hand at last
Wild things run fast

In the dark
He could see
The trap that was lying in her
Sweet company
Eating from her hand at last
Wild things run fast

Winter beat the pines about
He heard the heater
Cutting in and out
While she dreamed away

In the night
It snowed
Fast tracks in the powder white
Leading out to the road
Winding from her tender grasp
Wild things run fast
Wild things run fast
Wild things run fast

What makes you run?
Wild thing
I thought you loved me


  1. Replies
    1. always glad to create a smile in this world

  2. Whenever I'm feeling a little too tame, I reach for some old Joni stuff. Ever wonder what they'd talk about if they met? (Joni and St. Francis)

    1. I guess I could imagine that conversation ;')

  3. Beautiful post! I am copying the St Francis quote...
    A month of Blog...


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