Sunday, March 11, 2012

celebrating those who celebrate us: #1

collaboration mosaic by Margaret Almon, Suzanne Halstead, and Wayne Stratz

In this month of three craft shows (North Penn being this coming Saturday), I chose to be immersed in a class on the art of being an effective physics teacher and Margaret is immersed in a class on learning the code needed to create an artful website.  The launching of the website is approaching, for now I would like to celebrate some who have written testimonials, which will float in and out of the new website:

So far, I've had two occasions to buy gifts from Nutmeg Designs. The recipients 
of these gifts were delighted, I was happy with the reasonable shipping 
rates and fast turnaround, and it felt really good to give beautiful, lovingly 
hand-crafted works that I was able to buy directly from the artists.

Andrea's take on tunes has left me hopeful that talented musicians will continue to move out in new directions.  She is on my list of people I want to see in concert and I can imagine one day creating a design inspired by her music.

           I have commissioned two pieces from Nutmeg designs, both gifts to gooverseas.  
Each was uniquely suited to the recipient, and carefullypacked to travel
 -- and beautiful!  

Michelle's passion for writing about both science and God is welcomed in my unfolding life.  She is a living example of how I desire to view creation,  with the eyes of an evolutionary biologist and with the spirit of one who walks with God.

More celebrations will come.  Thanks to all who have written such wonderful words.  If inspired to write a line or two about the art/people/spirit of Nutmeg Designs, you can do that by using this form.   


  1. curious to see the new web page.

    1. Thanks for being curious, I do believe it will be promoted in April.


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