Saturday, March 31, 2012

March madness ends with tulip blooms

Looking Inside, a tulip by Wayne Stratz
This month was hectic and last weekend's craft show (third in four weeks) drained me, or I let it drain me.  So my physics students and I went in search of absolute zero.  At home I scrambled to keep up with my on-line class to improve my teaching skills while helping Margaret clean up the Hippo Project.  Now all that is left of those major projects is a final paper and photos of the mosaic.

An exceptionally early spring had me scrambling to keep up with weeds at home and dividing perennials at work.   One of my homeroom dudes fell and had to be patched up in a trauma center, so I stopped and created a suncatcher for him.  My sister-in-law flew in from South Africa and brought with her a bunch of joy, a passion for good food, and fun gifts of african jazz.

and before a break could be enjoyed, grades and progress reports were due and I wished I never had created such a hectic month ...

but the tulips provided beauty as I ran out of steam, so I drew a design and cut some glass to celebrate what I took the time to witness in the midst of it all.

 Maybe this tulip will also be celebrated in design.

Lilly white tulip by Wayne Stratz


  1. I seriously wish I'd taken physics with you. Enjoy spring break. It's been such a strange winter and spring, with temps skyrocketing, then diving again. I'm glad after the heat in March, bringing forth tulips and daffodils, that it's cool, preserving them a while. I bet the student loves the suncatcher.

  2. Ruth, I do have some strengths as a teacher, but to be honest I do have more than one weakness... trying to be an artist is both. The tulips handled the return to cold better than the Hydrangea, which is OK, but surely not great.

  3. Beautiful pictures. The colors of the tulip are stunning. The texture of the tulip is so soft and sweet. Makes me want to reach out and see if it’s as fuzzy as it looks. 

    1. Kris ~~~ thank you. I came across my love of tulips once I took the time to look inside one and I discovered their diversity

  4. i like the inside of a poppy flower.
    your tulips are pretty.
    you really have been getting a lot done lately.

  5. Nance--- you made me think of this photo of mine...


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