Monday, March 19, 2012

Mystical Mondays: Rumi learns by watching and listening to a squirrel

Translations by Daniel Ladinsky

What appealed to me in this poem is many a thing:  it made us laugh and reminded me of my favorite prayer, the Examen.  At night when I sit down to pray, I do it as if I was starting a conversation with a good friend, because really, what other kind of relationship with God do I want to have.  Also I am thinking it would be a grand thing that a benefit to saying grace is that my dinner will taste better.


The grass beneath the tree is content
and silent.

A squirrel holds an acorn in its praying hands,
offering thanks, it looks like.

The nut tastes sweet; I bet the prayer spiced
it up somehow.

The broken shells fall on the grass,
and the grass looks up
and says,

And the squirrel looks down
and says,


I Have been saying "Hey" lately too,
to God.

Formalities just weren't



  1. Wonderful poem, thanks for the Rumi. I like the last line particularly Formalities just weren't working.

    1. Yes. That line is splendid and caught my eye


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