Sunday, March 25, 2012

Here and Now, of Ingrid Jensen and Nutmeg Designs

This past week in the midst of many things, we decided to create two new mandalas for our show in Kutztown, and while they did not sell, they did catch some eyes/spirit of people.

I drew the design while I was on brief moment of silence at the Jesuit Center and decided to purposefully allow the music of a favored musician flow through me as I worked with paper and pencil.  It was drawn with the hope of it being a collaboration with Margaret.  One in which we could travel in two paths.  In the Here version, I cut out the swirl design in iridized gray glass and then Margaret created the orange background including some dichroic glass in the center.   

Mandalas by Nutmeg Designs

In the Now version, I cut out the the blue background pieces and then Margaret created the blue green design, which again included dichroic glass.

Mandalas by Nutmeg Designs

We discovered Ingrid Jensen when we travelled to a jazz fesitval in New Jersey.  She ended the show and up we went to buy a CD, Here and Now.  Since that day we have bought more of her music, both as a leader and as a person chosen by others who love her playing and desire to have her in their band.  

Hear her interviewed and playing trumpet...

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