Saturday, October 27, 2012

Celebrating the old and the new

I was sitting and waiting to celebrate our new priest, Mother Amanda, when the young man in the striped shirt (far left) asked me if I was going to take photos for our church's website, a website I have helped to create in the past month.  So I walked home.

As I looked at the images, I was disheartened by the less than crisp images that showed up on my computer.  The one of the cake looked OK, the ones of the cheese were a disaster.  But then this one caught my eye.  There is one man who stands out.

He was at the church long before I arrived and has been one of those people I have met along my journey who calls out for the church to help those in need.  A man to follow into a life of reaching out to the poor.

An hour before the service I had dropped off some cheese and some Nanaimo bars and headed out of the church to the farmers market.  When I emerged from the church, it was he who offered me a ride.  I needed the walk, so I passed on the offer, but my heart was lifted up be his presence.  Attendance has been difficult for him over the past year, but how important to have a man, who had witnessed so many rectors at Holy Trinity be there for today's Celebration of New Ministry.

So I am glad that of all the people to shine forth in my photos, it was the man, who had offered me a ride.


  1. That is a beautiful story. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Nance, glad I did not delete the photo ;')

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  3. I was so happy to see this picture. He has an amazing story to tell. He worked tirelessly with the Sudanese over the years, and it was a blessing to get to know him. I still have the book he gave me on the shelf in my living room. Let him know I was asking for him.


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