Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Nuthatch ~ the A to Z of one word messages

White-breasted Nuthatch
created and designed
by Wayne Stratz
Yes, that is a bird and not a one word mosaic sign, but we have not done an N word (commissions welcomed if you have one in mind).       


Bird names for me are often one word messages. Name four species of woodpeckers and you can take me back to a spring break camping trip to the Smokey Mountains, a forest east of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, a time share in WI, and the Monocacy Creek that I walked to as a teen in search of solitude. 

Maybe going for a walk recently with Mosaic Woman on a path along a busy road during rush hour will come to mind if you say Red-Winged Blackbirds to me ten years from now. We stood as they perched and called out and flashed their red allowing us to appreciate their beauty.

And that makes these one word messages indeed.  So where do nuthatches take me? My childhood home and the oak trees that soared above our house and the tiny birds that delighted me as they behaved in a rather unexpected way.

  What animal name creates a one word message in your mind?


  1. This is really a wonderful piece, Wayne! You got him perfectly, in a few simple pieces.

  2. I think I could get a lot of one-word messages from most wildlife... Aaaaaaah!

    Love the nuthatch glass. I didn't realize you'd done a little bird!

  3. Dog. It's the definition of loyalty for me. :)

  4. I love nuthatches. Cute little creatures. I guess I have to go with cat, too. To me it just means love.

  5. mourning dove . i think of child hood, lying on the bed with the window open.

  6. I agree with Dana. :) As much as loyalty, maybe "bond."

  7. Shawn ~ Cats can do that ;')
    Ruth ~ thanks. That means a lot
    Elise ~ Namaste
    Snowcatcher ~ thanks, yes lizards and mountain goats for sure
    Dana ~ Dogs can do that ;')
    Barbara ~ I know a certain Pug that means a bit as well ;')
    Nance ~ their calls are special indeed
    Wendy ~ bond is a splendid word


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