Saturday, October 6, 2012

whittling down the 21 rules and defining my mission

grown, dried, and hung at work
My long weekend will be filled with some fun things.  Having a Bitches Brew with my friend Di, creating art in my studio and learning how to make plum dumplings are on that list.  A ton of paperwork is on a different list.  Both lists are needed to keep me balanced.

Tuesday at 8:00 I will return to work and immediately sit down with my supervisor.  I am the first on her list to discuss a few things.  

One is to develop a Purpose Statement:

To develop a setting where students, who have not known much joy or success in school, can discover that education can be fun.  To then inspire and help them to develop the skills to succeed in the future ~ inside and outside of classrooms.

One of the other topics to be discussed are my rules, and I don't think she is ready to read 21 of them, so time to whittle them down to fit the three key areas we are to focus upon in our rooms.  The original 21 will remain posted.  For now I got it whittled out 12 and have it down to nine... 

Be Responsible

  • Be aware of how your emotions, they are affecting how you behave.
  • Work with tools. Play with toys
  • If you have tried and failed , then try again or ask for help.

Be Cooperative

  • Feel free to disagree, just be pleasant at the same time.
  • Accept your situation and work with your assigned team.
  • Help others to discover success.

Be Flexible

  • Attempt the tasks, which you fear or hate to do.
  • When plans get changed, be open to see where the new plan takes you.
  • Enjoy the jazz, even if it is not your choice of music.


  1. There is some music that i can not enjoy even if i wanted to. If my brain has problems with it, my nerves do to. But, if my brain likes it, then its good.

    I admire how you can make directions to start in. I am not at that point yet. I am hoping that the laity lodge artist retreat is a help in that direction. As i would like to do some kind of workshops or classes, and a direction has not yet come to me.

    1. Nance ~ may have to change joy to tolerate in the jazz rule. I am going on a retreat next weekend. Hope to enjoy a break from the busyness

  2. this is a really good list. for anywhere.

    1. Di ~ thanks. Hope my supervisor digs my view of the universe

  3. I like "BE MINDFUL" (#11 and on your classroom wall in 2007) and used it in my post yesterday when I said I was "intrigued by the whole idea of savoring something in a mindful way." Now I wonder if you whittled the list down any more before Tuesday, which is now over and done with.

    I found your blog because of the RevGalBlogPals post on Pondering Life's Challenges. I'll be back.

    1. Bonnie~ thanks for the visit. The school has been very big on Be Statements, so I responded with my own. Glad you liked it. I kept it at nine and told my supervisor that I had 21 posted, but that I would highlight the nine.

  4. Replies
    1. Mary Beth ~ thanks. A student told me today that I was on the staff who enjoy teaching list.

  5. You're famous in RevGals today!

    1. Robin ~ famous for my rules no less. Life is unpredictable


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