Monday, October 8, 2012

Mystical Monday ~ St Francis inspires a new generation

Our Wednesday nights of pie have continued as the seasons change here in PA.  But we are missing one member as the daughter of Red and the Chef has gone off to college.  She is studying biology (well one class in four years), so I have been sending her daily links to info I find interesting.  This could go on for decades as my interest in biology has been already around for decades.

The other night I found a story about how there has been an adaptation to large urban settings taking place.  Coyote pups are more likely to survive there than rural areas.  And now reports of larger animals are rising.

So yesterday, when our new priest told the story of St Francis taming the wolf... I was thinking we needed a new mystic for our times.  Mother Amanda proceeded to bless the domesticated beasts which were pondering why they were doing something new this Sunday morning.

Maybe from the midsts of these blessings of the animals a mystic will arrive, who will calm the fears of the humans and help to feed the hunger of the beasts.

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