Sunday, January 20, 2013

Epiphany Stars ~ studio goals for 2013

At our last show of the year, a man was clearly disappointed by a lack of stars. At some point between that moment and Epiphany, I decided to draw three new star designs when Epiphany arrived they were ready to leave my head.

I was not feeling the best that day, but good enough to use a pencil. The first batch is done. I am thinking seven batches for the year. 21 stars. Once I have a flock, I am going to walk on down to the Virago Bakery and put them on display.


  1. Do they get to hang in a window?

  2. Nance ~ yes, there is a huge window at the bakery

  3. I imagine that they look really amazing in that window!

    1. Valerie ~ I started the next batch last night. Same three designs but used blues this time

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