Monday, July 22, 2013

Hope ~ God's Comma leads to new readings

Two things over this past weekend ~

  1. I posted this mandala inspired by the God is still speaking campaign of the UCC on my etsy shop.
  2. I read a passage from the Bible at my church.

So as I read a passage accredited to Paul, I wished the lectionary did not stop at the end of the Bible. How cool would it be to read a passage by St. Ignatius or Buechner or St. Catherine or Lamott. God is still speaking, let us read the inspired words to the masses.



  1. God's comma... I like that! Sort of a teardrop going up instead of down.

  2. I love that mandala. It looks embryonic. You're right. God does still speak to us. Maybe the "church" is afraid to sanction certain speakers for fear of someone feeling left out if they're not sanctioned. Sort of like Johnny feeling second best if Billy wins first prize. Cain and Abel had a similar problem.

  3. Yep. I'd like those readings, too.


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