Saturday, July 6, 2013

In Preparation ~ training for a week of silence part a ~ a week with John Philip Newell

I met with my spiritual director shortly before our vacation. I told her I had a plan. The problem with telling someone your intentions is that it makes those intentions more set in stone. The first part was the easier part.

Seven days. A morning prayer. An evening prayer. Each day filled with reflections on a beatitude. I was off from teaching. Lots of time. Beautiful writing calling me into Newell's hope that we can bring peace by Praying with the Earth. It will end this evening. I would like to spend another week revisiting it, but...

... tomorrow begins a 40 day retreat. Which will take me almost to the exact end of teaching this summer. Like I said, I'm in training.



  1. If you're off from teaching,
    how do you get to the end of teaching?
    And the week, and the forty days, and all...I'm really confused.
    Ann well, it's not the first time.

    1. Nance ~ hmmm, the week was the book I spoke of. Short book of prayers for one week. I have been off from teaching since june 13th. I go back to teaching tomorrow and it lasts six weeks. Am about to pick up a larger book that is a 40 day retreat, which I will read during this time but not while I am actually teaching. Hope that helps. I can be confusing.

  2. Ahhhhhhh .. Now I get it.
    Thanks for unconfusing me.

  3. I was a little confused too. Glad you made things clear. Usually when people think of a retreat, they imagine physically leaving one place and taking up space in another one. Yours is a spiritual and mental retreat. It's too difficult in the modern world for most people to have the other kind.


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