Friday, July 5, 2013

Becky Eldredge, the person who inspired the sunflower

I do not need 1000's of more followers, what I need to do is make wonderful connections with a few of the ones I have on twitter. Becky Eldredge seemed like a fine person to get connected with. I had fanned her page on Facebook, followed her on Twitter, and read her thoughts at her website.

Then one day she sent out a tweet asking for prayer requests. I asked for some directed towards my students. She asked about my job. A connection had been made. Yes, it is across state lines and we may never meet, but I will keep an eye out for chances. My hope is that she leads a retreat at the Jesuit Center. She does things like that. My hope is that I will one day read the book she is writing.

Yes, it is ours. She recently wrote to me responding to the word collaboration. She mentioned synergy. People saw this as one of MY best pieces, but truth be told, it would not be in this world without Becky.

First ~ she desired a piece of art celebrating sunflowers

Second ~ she shared some photos she had taken of sunflowers and when I fell in love with a flower emerging into fullness... we realized that we both love the word, unfolding

Third ~ she wrote to me about why sunflowers are important to her.

Fourth ~ she agreed with me that the design should emerge while I was on a retreat and patiently waited for that retreat to come along. I took Becky's photo and words on that retreat.

If it is one of my best pieces, it is because of the spiritual connection between plant and human, which led to this photo.

Thanks, for helping me to be a better artist.



  1. good sharing...all of it.

    1. I didn't know that Becky was the sunflower person. She seems like such a delight, and certainly the design is as well! Another great story of collaboration. (I see the seeds of a little book project beginning to sprout, with photographs and stories.)

    2. Reading this post, Wayne, makes me appreciate the sunflower even more than I already do. The picture was taken at a very special "season" of life in Georgia. The unfolding of the flower, not fully in bloom, but holding the full of potential of new life in Texas. As retreats are a passion of mine, the fact that it was "birthed" while on a retreat holds special meaning for me as well.

      Wayne, i look at the suncatcher every day and it obviously makes me smile. Even more so, though, I look at it and it stirs something deep within me about remembering to trust God as life unfolds. I am so thankful for it!

  2. It is a beautiful piece, made even more meaningful by the heartfelt story you shared with us. Thank you!


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