Saturday, April 11, 2009

after the big date

there is...
a lack of expectation. There are no tickets for future jazz shows in our house. Some may remember my amazement last August that we had eight pairs of tickets in our house. One got cancelled when Hank Jones dumped his US tour to go to Japan, but it got replaced. Keith Jarrett was added. Some others floated in here and there. Then I searched here and there to find a big date to celebrate 22 years of April full moons with Mosaic Woman (who continues to heal from her fall). We ended up in Philly watching a band Blue Note records has put together... The Blue Note Seven ... to celebrate 70 years of recording jazz.
a build up in frustration as my sinuses have decided all on their own that they will clear up ever so slowly and my shoulder pain ebbs and flows. A week off from teaching... is now gone and I wonder why I rested if I still feel this way, while wondering how I would feel if I hadn't rested....
probably like I did yesterday after drinking the "required" wine at the Seder meal that took place at our church Thursday night. But, after we left...
we decided we needed fresh air and as we walked past our house, there it was...
The Full Moon rising into the evening sky. 22 years...
I fully expect more years, more jazz, more pain, and more colds. I am uncertain as to what I will receive and what I won't...
so into the glass studio today (a second take on a favored piece) and into a sunrise worship tomorrow...


  1. Lovely images...all!! Congrats on 22 years! I wish you 22 more...and then 22 more....

    I promised Klem I would be there early.... (If I go to the late movies, perhaps I shan't even try to go to sleep before church??!!)

    Have a restful, rainy day Saturday...

    Hey? You have posted several times about reading short stories.... Can you recommend a few authors/anthologies for me ? (I'm too lazy to go back thru your blog!) No regard to genre...I'm trying to look at new I'm reading "Watchmen!" (which if you might imagine is waaaaaaaaaaay out of my style....!

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  3. Hey Giggles... come early on Easter and I will hand you a bagful of stories for you to read. thanks for the best wishes.

    if your not there early I can make the huge trek to give them to you at the sun has already risen service.

  4. OH!! I love it! Extra incentive to get moving early!!!! (You know me too well....!)

  5. the planned outside sunrise service may end up either starting indoors and just moving out for the eurcharist or being indoors all together -- we shall see. either way, i am anticipating a completely new Easter service experience.
    right now the sanctuary is dark, still and ready for new life. the lack of the lit sanctuary candle reminds me that not even the flowers can bring true life to the space. the rain today was reflected in the sanctuary for me.

    off to set up tables for the parish brunch tomorrow. a joyous Easter to everyone i've met thru this blog!

  6. Happy Easter! The full moon has been stunning in a sky that has been surprisingly cloudless here.

    I'm sorry that illness and a fall conspired to make your week off less than expected. What really has me concerned is the lack of jazz tickets - not too long ago you were contemplating a half dozen promising options.

    The stained glass is beautiful!

  7. Giggles-- glad to have seen you this morning with candle in hand. enjoy the books.

    Red--- ten thousand words of thanks for your devotion to our church. Monday night is on me.... though I may just get your riled up ;')

    Kathryn--- Oh, we have plans. just no tickets. hope your son is feeling better.

  8. The wife and I celebrate our 45th tomorrow, Wayne. Congratulations to you and your wife. The Blue Note song sounds like one my brother would have enjoyed. Today being Easter, your artwork at the end of this post is what bears witness with my spirit. A great service this morning with the kids at the center. I'll probably post regarding it in the near future...

  9. yes....conflicted as I am, it was good to be there.... Thanks for the reading material.....

  10. Jim-- 45 years! I am hoping. glad things went well at the center.

    Giggles--- enjoy it all.

  11. well, all i can offer this morning is "mea culpa." sorry i missed last night: i just completely phased out that we were meeting and has shifted some tuesday tasks into monday as a result.

    and many thanks for your kind words. like many others here, i love our "cute, little church" and it, and the people who enter its doors, are my cornerstone on a weekly basis.

    and the rainy day reflects my mood as i ponder the death of the wonderful harry kalas. the voice of the phillies has been stilled and, although he died doing what he loved, the game broadcasts just won't be the same.


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