Monday, April 6, 2009

moved by the spirit?

Who knows, but there I was just a few minutes ago, back in my studio after two days of mostly napping and reading. After missing the Eucharist two straight Sundays, I made my way down for our Monday of Holy Week service. Simple. No music. Scripture, liturgy, prayer, then we passed the bread and wine... the body, the blood.
I stood asking to be renewed. to be cleansed.
I came home saying howdy to neighbors on front porches and made my way to the studio. cut out pattern pieces and cut and ground smooth 12 pieces of orange glass.
I want to write about the show we had in Kutztown. I want to write about our big date in Philly. and I may... but for now you can go over to Mosaic Woman's blog and see what she had to say about those two events. I am so glad she found an image of a print we saw called Strata.
But for now I just wanted to share the joy of moving out of sluggishness, which had a hold on me for good reasons.


  1. Sounds like you stepped into His presence during Communion shared; and, reading the post prior to this one, I'm thinking He met you in your need. We're scheduled to do the Easter service at the Detention Center this weekend and I'm looking forward to it, but the weather has my head in a fog with my sinuses. "Grace" is on my mind, though, and a resurrected Christ will meet us there...

  2. Jim-- I keep trying to get that spirit to flow through my sinuses, and it keeps making some strange noises. health is returning. a good thing.


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