Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jazz on Tuesdays... Sunna's Dream Suncatcher

Come to our booth (upcoming shows) and you will see my designs have stories that can be read as you shop. But what about these new Stratozpheric Doodles in glass. How do they get their story when each is unique and do not come from a design that has the story?

Return to an old habit... Doodle while listening to music, and the music is the story. So, come to the North Penn Show this weekend and see Sunna's Dream Suncatcher.

Will you sense the Icelandic homeland of Sunna Gunnlaugs or will you remember a dream of your own. And what about those five tracks she calls "spins," where she and her band doodle their improvisations and nothing but improvisations, where do they show up? I met Sunna and heard her play when she came to the states. It was that night that I purchased The Dream. And now look at what has happened.

while this one is not on etsy, I just added this stratozpheric doodle to our online shop



  1. Beautiful! I dig the doodlin'
    You must let me know when someone buys it.

  2. Sunna, glad you liked it, wasn't sure how I would have dealt if you told me you hated it.


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