Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, and please answer this one too. The interview continues

47  102/365 -- a Celtic cross by Margaret

The interview continues

"So, have you had any Missing Years? If yes, why did you leave and what brought you back? If no, please explain why you didn't leave when you were younger?"

My answer (for Di) : I left. I even left before a conservative Christian college kicked my blank off their campus for very good reasons. I was disheartened. I had been naive enough to believe that Christians acted like Christ did and so took my leave when I took in the imperfection that remains inside myself and others. Anyway, studying biology and environmental science (after the kicking incident) during the Reagan years did not help to draw me back. The only Christians I heard of during that time were ones who thought plastic Redwoods would satisfy my soul.

Years later, we moved to Scranton, PA. Mosaic Woman had landed a job at the University of Scranton, a Jesuit university. There she stumbled into spiritual direction with a nun, who had made private orders. Yes, a Jesuit nun. When we moved away from Scranton Sister Judy told Margaret about a place in Wernersville.

Soon after we landed in Lansdale, Mosaic Woman suggested we find a church.

I said, "Why not." My Missing Years had come to an end.

I think it is more complicated than all that, but I'm not the one who wants to be the minister at my church, but hey, feel free to throw out some follow up questions.


  1. Stratoz, this is a really good question, and a great answer. I had no idea about this part of your journey!

    I'd love to have a conversation about this. I went to conservative Christian schools (sometimes, depending on where we lived), and they're part of my formation (some things that they taught I left behind, others still serve me well).

    And I love this glimpse of the way Mosaic Woman has been a part of your path.

  2. How do you feel about beer at church functions? And what kind would you bring?

  3. Di--- let us brake bread together sometime.

    Staci--- God help anyone who says Miller Lite. hmmm, we better also ask about NASCAR drivers and attitude toward soccer.

  4. hey! i'm still lurking here, ya' know!

    and i, for one, really liked your 5 questions. i'm struggling with mine so it's good to know some folks have been productive.

    thinking about 'inclusion" vs 'exclusion."

    and beer.
    and soccer.
    and nascar.

    word verification (i kid you not): water.

  5. Red--- you better be lurking. my burst of energy came from my general annoyance with interviews in general. and out came questions. My 7th one: When was the last time you bought a mosaic?

  6. i think it's critical for at least one question to deal w/the role of art/literature in life. i want someone who looks to nuture & sustain that part of life as well as the spiritual and activist part.

    i want to explore why us, why now? what journey led the footsteps back to our door, especially after having been "rejected" years ago by the parish at that time. what's changed? what's been learned? discovered?

    inclusion. i think ellie's comments were very perceptive and, altho' focused on young adults, speak to the greater question. how to include and still remain authentic to the tradition/theology?

    i'm feeling the need to slow the process down a bit, however. perhaps just where i am right now but it's feeling rushed . . .


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