Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Celebrating Bee Balm

47  333c/365  wordlessly celebrating Bee Balm

47  333a/365  wordlessly celebrating Bee Balm

47  333b/365  wordlessly celebrating Bee Balm


  1. Lovely! I was just admiring mine this morning! Do you get hummingbirds on yours? I love the smell too... like Earl Gray tea!

  2. Lynn--- I too love the smell. No hummingbirds yet, can't wait till they are spotted.

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful species! And they smell like Earl Gray too? I need to do some research to see if they are hardy here.

  4. These are so beautiful. You really have an eye for color. I its just splendid. Surely you will see humingbirds any day now. I have no doubt they'll love these. If I were a hummingbird, I'd love them :-)

    Thank you! I'm very glad I got to see them.

  5. I love them too. We call them monarda. When we transplanted some a few years ago, we feared that we'd lost them. They have popped up now in a bed with surprise.

  6. What a celebration of glorious red! Almost like nature's fireworks!

  7. Mmmmm--- I hope they are. They like room to spread so you have to work bit to keep them in the place you want them.

    Kwee--- "If I were a hummingbird, I'd love them " I will say hi when I see a hummingbird

    Ruth--- they are one of several Monarda native to America

    Snowcatcher--- great image. a twitter friend was reminded of Chihuly glass art

  8. Fantastic photos of this beautiful plant! Love that red!

  9. LOVE these photos. Those hummingbirds won't be able to resist these beauties for very long! :)


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