Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: standing inside a tree

47  325/365  chillin before the second night


  1. That is very cool and a great shot also :) I really enjoy your blog so far!

  2. What a great tree. There's a tree in the park by my house that has a little door by the roots but not big enough for a person. Great photo

  3. Now I wanna know where you went on vacation to get that shot! Excellent composition!!!

  4. Mmmm... thanks for stopping by

    Carrie--- the tree was cool enough to get me to run back to the car for the camera

    Valerie and Sunna--- Thanks!

    Snowcatcher---- check out my blog post from Tuesday

  5. Cool pic for sure. Thanks for visiting PPP!

  6. Such a neat picture! You have me feeling nostalgic. I got to see trees like this in California, the giant sequoia. And I used to never miss a Jazz Festival in New Orleans. :-) I hope you enjoy it all double much!

  7. Kaye--- thanks, I will likely return to PPP

    Carol--- occasionally I can pull off cool

    Kwee--- glad I could bring back good memories

  8. Ruth--- nothing like being mellow inside a tree


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