Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jazz for a Silent Dude: Coltrane's Psalm by the Asa Trio

Wernersville Sunset

Is there anyway to predict what tune will emerge as the one that will draw you in on any particular day?

Can a search on an iPod take you to a Psalm just as a spiritual director can guide you to a Psalm the first evening of a week long retreat?

Can joining Twitter introduce you to a drummer from the US, who lives in Iceland, and then to the Asa Trio's free download (as of this date it is still free) of Coltrane's Love Supreme.

I guess life can happen this way.  

Jesuit Center


  1. What a neat way to come by a great video! I absolutely love that photo at the top, too. So peaceful and tranquil...

  2. It's flow. And boy, Coltrane has flow down.

  3. Just what I needed today. I'm glad I checked my RSS reader!

  4. Snowcatcher--- that is one my favorite photos from the retreat center for this year

    Ruth--- yes indeedy

    Ken---- thanks for stopping by, I got a feeling I have not added you to my reader. Going to fix that now.


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