Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jazz for a silent hurricane party

blown over

 It was a small bit of the damage caused by Hurricane Irene, but the least I could do was lift this flower back up.

As the hurricane came up the coast, I was on a hill top in a large sturdy retreat center, so I decided what everyone east of me needed was a silent Hurricane party.

At 8:00pm  I headed outside with a beverage ( I do take a few while retreating) and sat alone, getting wet from the spray.

What it turned into was a bit of a rant asking Irene to move away, little did I know what would happen in Vermont later.

I knew my parents had been told to leave their home because of flooding (now living where the creek I loved as a child flows into the Lehigh River).  I knew Mosaic Woman was home alone and surely faced a wet basement.  I prayed for friends whose love of flowing water had drawn them into homes, but now they were living in fear of rising water.  I ranted and prayed and listened to jazz singer Norma Winstone's version of Here Comes The Flood by Peter Gabriel. 

"Stranded starfish had no place to hide..." caught my ear and heart.



  1. Yours is such a gentle spirit. I'm glad you set the flower back up right. All life is precious and worthy of the dignity we can give it. And, I think at times of danger we can do nothing about (like the kind storms bring, hurricane, tornado, floods...) we always worry more about those we love than ourselves.

  2. I'm caught up in the beauty of this post and video, Wayne.

  3. May you never stop praying for us all, in your sweet way.

  4. My neighbors were visiting their parents back east when Irene hit. They just returned home, and the stories they had to tell...

    It's difficult to watch something like this happening and not be able to do anything to stop it.

  5. Kwee, Valerie, Ruth, Snowcatcher--- more flooding going on today, especially west of here (probably the area where I was on retreat). After two days of heavy rain, they got a heavy band of rain that stayed on top of them all day. Made for an easy commute for me, but probably awful for the folks under the deluge


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