Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Man of Hope remembers 10 years ago

I know I watched no news that day.  Mosaic Woman and I did not watch TV and we had a dial-up connection.  So here is want I remember:
I remember walking into a building as a class period ended and hearing TV's playing in every classroom.  This was so out of the oridinary, so I asked what was going on:  planes, towers, burning, pentagon...

I took my horticulture students to my room.  Told them to wash up.  Sent them on their way.  Did they watch TV and fill their souls with horrific images?  How many Americans watched and watched...

My next class came inside my classroom.  Buzzing.  I grabbed a packet of Swiss Chard seeds.  And every year on this day when I am told that I must not forget, I remember that packet of seeds and the students wondering why we would go outside and me saying, "I can't imagine a better place to be."



  1. I was glued to a television... at work, in my boss's office. I remember looking around at my coworkers, all of us feeling helpless, none of us knowing what to say, as the first tower began to crumble...

    You had it right. I can imagine no better place to have been.

  2. I like that. Outside, I think was much better.

  3. Yes, outside. The Swiss Chard seeds, this fascinates me.

    I remember walking outside at lunch time after the morning's TV on in the department office. It was such a beautiful morning. I just wanted to walk. Everywhere students were standing or walking, and every single one was on a cell phone. We all wanted to talk with our loved ones immediately. I had already talked with mine.

  4. In many ways, I think your seeds are a much better memory. I, too, watched no television until...

    I was working away, wondering why EVERYONE on my floor was late. Surely the highway couldn't be THAT tied up. Then a co-worker finally appeared and asked why I wasn't in the break room watching TV with everyone else. I had no idea what had happened. And then I saw my co-workers faces before I saw the television as I stepped into the breakroom. I'll never forget the horror I saw on faces; made it difficult to turn and see what they were watching.

    Your glass, on the other hand, is very beautiful and comforting.

  5. ALL: Margaret and I remember me calling her that morning. That is how she got the news and thus knew about it before she left for work.


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