Thursday, August 9, 2012

Preparing a sermon of hope

Once again, well for the second time, I have been asked to give a sermon at my church. And while I am not opposed to Jesus being the bread of life... I have become quite in need of the weekly Eucharist provided in my Episcopalian church... Psalm 130's message of hope clearly caught my eye.

and reading my favorite Quantum Theologist's post on psalms has me working out thoughts about hope, prayer, play.

Where did my hope come from, how did I emerge from despair, was there a moment in time that transformed me, what does unfolding with creation have to do with this

I don't expect to have answers by Sunday


  1. It's the questions that are so helpful, not the answers! Hope it goes well....

    1. Michelle ~ Thanks. It is taking shape in my head, so not quite organized yet ;')

  2. I think you will prepare a meaningful sermon. You are asking all the right and most-asked questions. The hope mosaic is stunning!

    1. Snowcatcher ~ thanks for the encouragement. As for the mosaic it was commissioned by a friend for a mutual friend


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