Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The A to Z of one word messages ~ C is for Call my name

My Name
Mosaic Woman tried a variety of art forms on her way to mosaics and this sign came to be when she made ceramic art tiles. 

Wayne. What captures our attention more than hearing the one word message of our name? In high school there was only one other Wayne. In 26 years of teaching there has only been one student named Wayne.  99% of the times I hear it, I am being called.

More recently we were asked to celebrate the birth of a child named Parker. Here is a video showing the mosaic coming into being.

Twice I have been asked to honor the life of a loved one in glass.

Designed and created by
Wayne Stratz

Designed and created by
Wayne Stratz
Wayne means, "one who makes wagons."  I have not lived up to that yet.  Anyone need a stained glass wagon?


  1. Beautiful work! I'm awed. ☺

    Happy Wednesday.

  2. Your post made me stop and think about the names of the students I've taught these last ten years - not a one of them has been named Wayne! How interesting...

    Beautiful mosaics - I'll definitely stop by again during the course of the A-Z Challenge to see more of your lovely art! :)

  3. it's a good name...

  4. It's fascinating to watch that mosaic being made--thank you for sharing the process. Beautiful work.

  5. Can't you just picture a covered wagon in stained glass?!? And that would be a C...

  6. Dana ~ always a treat that I have caused some awe
    Julia ~ I am not shocked by your lack of Wayne students. It always caused my head to turn when a friend of the Wayne in my class, said "Wayne."
    Nance ~ I have grown to dig it
    Kern ~ thanks for checking out our video.
    Snowcatcher ~ a wagon filled with blue poppies perhaps


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