Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Up ~ the a to z of one word messages

Up, an Alexander word
Words and design (including big white pieces) by Wayne Stratz
Blue background and tower of color by Margaret Almon

OK, I wish I had two words to show you. My word is unfolding. It is my tagline. It is how I see my life.

Margaret digs up. It is a word used by those who have learned the Alexander Technique.  Margaret turned to this when she had a reoccurrence of back pain. It has helped her immensely and is still meeting with a master of the technique. Curious, check Imogen Ragone's site. To those with training this one word is a gentle reminder of how to align themselves. 

What word gets you aligned with this world?


  1. The word "up" embodies so much. Whether in reference of where to look, climb, doesn't tolerate stasis, laziness, or wallowing. Up is amazing. :)

    1. Chantel ~ looking up is indeed a fine thing, both as a general attitude but also for the gift of the sky, cloud, stars...

  2. I can't believe you did an Up mosaic! I love it! Thank you for the AT link. I think that may be a great compliment to what I'm already doing.

    1. Snowcatcher ~ i hope the AT proves to be helpful. Margaret has seen benefits indeed.

  3. I do like unfolding however lately, I find myself slouching often. I'm not trained in it but I do know about the Alexander Technique so it often comes to mind of late and I do pull myself back up. For now, I'm with Margaret!

    Wow, have you guys been busy!! That's a lot of mosaic-ing.


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