Saturday, August 11, 2007

conditional visits with my friend

anaheim chiles which I grew and then arranged
A friend called twice the other night. First time I answered and got the condition. You can come for dinner if you bring refried beans.

Later the phone rang and M answered and heard the condition. This time my friend was checking on a rumor she heard that I was giving my first ever sermon this Sunday. If true she was changing plans and coming to church. I guess I'll see her there since I plan to meet her condition, again.

Hope and faith have been firing spiritual neurons in my brain this week. God creates from the invisible I am told. I love this.

Things I can't see or even imagine are possible. So lets stick with what I can imagine for now.
When I flip through seed catalogs with my students, we are filled with hope. I hand them a seed and say there is an embryo in there waiting to come forth. Faith. We plant out the annuals and veggies and hope that the garden we imagined in December will become a reality. God desires it. It may come forth to fruition.

I grow Anaheim or New Mexican green chilies every year. And every year I have hope that I will be roasting them in August. Those posted above these words made it into my friend's refried beans. My conditional friend from Texas has faith in my ability to make refried beans and she smiled upon me on Friday. Have faith and hope and blessings may occur. Or maybe they won't, but one can hope again.

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