Monday, August 6, 2007

why expect anything

This is a photo of five male goldfinches on my agastache or commonly called anise hyssop. Well that is what I expected when I grabbed our camera. But the goldfinches flew off into my neighbors Norway Maple and I stood there not so patiently. I decided to harvest a hot pepper for dinner and since I had camera in hand and the goldfinches were elsewhere, I decided to take a photo of the pepper. I placed it onto the fence that keeps three dogs out of my garden in order to get a photo of my neighbor's sunflowers, which by the way is where the goldfinches usually hang out. Well, it appears I have a fuzzy photo of those things and a clear photo of the fence that keeps the three dogs from going into another yard.

On Sunday I walked into church and saw a friend whose daughter goes to college in Buffalo, so I say, "Hey I was just in Buffalo." This in my expectation would lead to a discussion of gardens, architecture, and food. But in my friend's mind it became a reminder that she will be gone to Buffalo this coming Sunday, and that our rector is on vacation, and that all the lay preachers are busy, so she asks, "Can you give the sermon next week?" So, it's Monday night and I am off to read scripture to help me sermonize. I did not expect that either.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my site, Wayne. You appear to be quite into gardening. I know little about the subject, but have raised a few tomatoes down through the years. These days, though, my wife gets them from her brother and turns the lot into salsa. I noted on your profile that you like to read Buechner. I just purchased his "Secrets in the Dark" while in Florida. My first venture into his works......

  2. Jim- after my missing years (decades) I returned to church, found an ex-southern baptist now UCC minister who brought me back to a spiritual life. He did this in many ways, but one of which was his love of Buechner. hope his writing touches your heart and spirit as he did mine.


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