Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my hands

so much depends upon them and yet three of my favored activities are quite hard on them. Between gardening, stained glass, and cooking.... I am often self-wounded. Never on purpose. Maybe I need to be more mindful. Maybe I am glad for how mindful I am. I like my hands.

1... red onion about to be caramelized and become part of a tasty grilled cheese... my mom gave me the knife saying, "here, I always cut myself with this."

2... found in our hallway... why I should, and I mean "should" never walk in bare feet... but I do, but not often.

3... grinding potatoes at my sister's house for potato pancakes (she bought me the grinder for a Christmas present)

4... My mother-in-laws cat. what usually follows such action is I mindlessly rub my eyes and remember I am allergic.


  1. Gloves, Wayne. Thick gloves...

  2. Yup, good advice from Jim.

    Hey, your MIL's cat looks just like one of ours. (We have 2 who are brothers.)


  3. Be careful, my friend. You also need those hands to type and tell your story.

  4. Jim--- gloves... I wear them much more often when I am gardening, and I use them when using the glass grinder.

    Mich--- that cat has moved to WI so I have not seen it for awhile... it took my mother-in-law with it.

    Kathryn--- so much depends upon these hands, but hopefully I could live on without them (not that I want to self-inflect that type of wound)

  5. "hands and self-inflicted wounds", indeed! to your list, i can add: box knives, papercuts and cardboard box tears. the hazards of the book business, one and all.

    from the chef: it's the dull knives that cut you the worst. there's some sort of wisdom in that statement.

    i look at my hands and wonder when they became so old looking: bent fingers, prominent veins, scars. then i remember that i am -- by some estimates -- old and my hands reflect the sum of my life's experiences. some days, that's a reassurance; others, not so much.

    if it's "cold hands, warm heart," does that imply the reverse: "warm hands, cold heart"? b/c my hands are always warm . . .

  6. hey CS--- my hands tend to be cold... probably from all that blood draining out of them, not just my warm heart ;')

    OK with that thought I am passing out

  7. Forget the gloves! (Okay, maybe just for the glass grinding, lol.) Seriously, why deny yourself the full pleasure of immersing your hands in the dirt by wearing gloves when you garden?! This admitted hedonist has never understood the concept of gardening gloves... lol.

  8. Blackswamp Girl--- ssshhh... I want people to believe I wear garden gloves. Actually I do most of the time so my hands are in shape for everything else. And I am not as young as you (just guessing). You will learn.

  9. HA! People keep promising me that I'll learn... but some lessons apparently come more easily than others. *grin* (Seriously, my Mom once told me that she didn't understand why I always needed to learn "the hard way." I think she was right.)

    ps. I've always been a bit of an old soul, but... I'm 33. :) Can't be THAT much younger than you!

  10. when I was 33 I did not garden, listen to jazz, wear floppy hats, blog, or do stained glass.

    and you were 21. I hope you still think that you are not THAT much younger than I am ;')

  11. Meh... you're not even old enough to be my father. So definitely not that old!

    (And maybe I need to start listening to Jazz... so I can be as cool as you and Mosaic woman when I grow up... ;)

  12. Blackswamp girl--- you asked... here is a cool place to start on your way to being hip



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