Monday, December 15, 2008

Gratitude 6--- mass production and 133%

We needed a new printer and a trip to buy one showed us the world had changed. Machines that printed, and did many other things were relatively cheap and one has become a valuable ... "tools of the trade."

I went into a bit of a crafting fury as the recent shows approached. I had a relatively new design which I liked but thought it would be cool to have it larger, in fact 133% would work just fine so ...


Both sold to friends of mine at the Belsnickel show.

Having sold my last heart I broke down and made four new hearts, while at the same time I came up with what I am calling a star flower...

orange star flower

So finding God in all things from erasures to my imagination to glass grinders. I am glad I can do my own form of mass production so much easier using our multi-tasking Canon MP470. Last Thursday though when I felt some peace from the craft show frenzy. I liked that stillness and have slowly been working on a series of three star flowers that have all 6 colors of the rainbow and the color that emerges when the two extremes of our vision are blended... more on that color on another post.

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  1. "Finding God in all things".....I like that. Indeed, when He is the prime ingredient of who we are, He just seems to spill over into all else...

  2. Jim--- thanks for the visit. some times it is a stretch, but it may be true that God is in all things.

  3. I have looked at this picture often and it wasn't until tonight that I realized is two separate flowers - I like the concept of two together, overlapping....just a thought

  4. msklem--- thanks, I just may take you up on that suggestion

  5. I get first dibs on a cobalt blue one (if it ever comes to pass....)

  6. MsKlem--- OK, I am sure there would be an inspiration discount. but it will be a while. I have a big project to do.


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