Thursday, December 25, 2008

something new for Christmas Eve but will this become tradition

I have a friend who needed a change from a tradition she loves. So she travelled far from home for Christmas. She is clear on why she needed to take a new road. What happened to me? Could it just be life.
Did it start last June when I asked a friend to water the garden or when it was difficult to take her out for dinner for her kindness, or when I suggested I give strudel making lessons over break?
Plan strudel for Christmas Eve day and your life will change. For one thing the annual shrimp and garlic pizza I make, gets moved to little Christmas Eve.
The last strudel is in not even in the oven when it becomes very clear that the gift was in the teaching, not in the feeding. She leaves with a handful of strudel and a dough to make new traditions at home. She leaves me with a lot of strudel.
Did it start when another friend accepted a new job while the housing market collapsed?
Two years ago they would be gone to where the new job is located. But last Tuesday I was reintroducing my body to yoga at their house. "I will give you strudel for lessons and dried lavender."
4pm you are napping when the phone rings. "Will you really bring us strudel?" I will.
6:30pm I go to church carrying a large tray of strudel. I find a friend and say, "I want this eaten, maybe I will be back at 11 pm."
11pm You are at the yoga friend's house laughing. This seems to be where you are meant to be.
Did it start with how hectic life becomes when you add craft fairs to the advent season?
I turned into a pumpkin for it is Christmas Day when we arrive home. I see the church is still lit up, and head inside my house. We had decided to give presents on Epiphany because we did not want to go shopping with the masses. I joke that I can't try to get a present before morning this year. Mosaic Woman surprises me by giving me the only one she has bought. It is a new drum to replace the one she accidently broke this year.
We fall exhausted into bed. I wonder if any of this will become a new tradition?
Merry Christmas.... may it be filled with Joy, as my Christmas Eve was.


  1. I got some strudel for Christmas!! It was fabulous!! Thank you for sharing....

    I love your "tradition" of giving presents at Epiphany!

    And have you not heard, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in that moment?! (I am meant to be in Ohio soon...)

    See you in the new year!

  2. I like the strudel tradition. The kings brought the gifts on Epiphany so why not exchange then. Your advent sounds hectic but also filled with much that was wonderful.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas!

    As I stretched pizza dough thin last night before Midnight Mass, I thought of your strudel. It sounds a marvel!

  4. Kievas--- thanks, I do believe it was filled with tidings of comfort and joy

    Giggles-- glad you got some strudel, apparently CS was not as fortunate.

    Kathryn--- It is a good thing to bring strudel to good folk. If my memory works it could become a tradition.

    Michelle--- thanks, by the way fluffy looks too cute to be a predator extraordinaire.

  5. It sounds like a lot of laughter and fun, even though exhausting. Merry Christmas and a blessed 2009 to you and Mosaic Woman.

  6. Sounds like your Christmas has been full of activity, friendship, and warmth. May such times continue as we walk through this week into the new calendar. Peace, my friend...

  7. Zorra-- Thanks. It was a very good day.

    Jim-- beautiful blessing. thanks


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