Monday, December 1, 2008

Pen Ryn craft show approaches, my back gets stretched if not rested

My back feels a bit better this morning and that is a good thing. On Friday we do it all over again at Pen Ryn School's Craft Show...

Friday December 5th 6 - 9 pm
Saturday December 6th 9 am - 3 pm

Why is that anything sounds possible when you sign up for events that are months away. Why is it that they seem impossible as they creep closer? Then you don't skip out of 99.9%, so they take place... so why think they are impossible? I know, I know.

Here are two of our pieces that caught a lot of attention, but came back home.

my green vine....

and this mandala by Mosaic Woman...


They are ready for more compliments and they seek a good home outside of our storage bins. For now they also reside at our on-line shop.

as for my back...

A communal changing of the altar was taking place when I showed up to my church on Sunday. I chat with a friend watching from afar, then chat with the rector from up close. It seems there are enough bodies on any one high altar, but I linger long enough to be asked to bring out an advent wreath. sounds easy. But that brass part that it sits upon did add some weight.

Crouched over in my studio cutting, grinding, foiling, and soldering stained glass...

I deserve to be in lots of pain, but it is less than yesterday. I did stretch quite a bit.



  1. oh, wayne! i'm soooo sorry! i didn't know that your back was less than perfect when i asked you to move the advent wreath. i just felt badly that you were there and i had no task for you to do/join in on. my seriously profuse apologies, my friend. (and next time, just tell me no, ok? i really do listen . . . from time to time.)

    as for events feeling totally "do-able" months out and then somewhat daunting as they actually approach? 'tis the nature of life, i suspect: we are filled with the best of intentions but struggle to meet our own expectations of ourselves on a daily basis. these past months being unemployed have forced me to spend time with myself and with God: in and of itself, not a bad event. if nothing else, i have been once again humbled and have taken to my "quiet self" for guidance, reassurance and faith.

    the journey continues . . .

  2. I'm wondering: Are booths and such long hours more profitable than opening a store or do you just enjoy the atmosphere of such fairs and craft shows? It seems such beautiful work not to be displayed in a glass case for purchase somewhere...

  3. Good luck with the craft show. These pieces deserve good homes!

  4. Csmith--- I will ask your daughters about that listening from time to time. I enjoyed the group tonight.

    Jim--- glancing about tonight at etsy I saw one selling an 8x11 stained glass panel for 15 dollars along with a story about being a widow with young children. There is no way she can do this unless she pays herself way way way less than minimum pay. My hope in going to craft shows is to find folk who still appreciate the time and effort that being a crafter involves. Most stores sell mass produced stuff from China that I can not compete with or I give a large percentage to a shop who sells it, or .... OK, I still have a good rant or two in me.

    anyway. I may complain about the hours, my back.... but I do enjoy it (and yes, I am still an introvert).

    my own store... don't forget my day job... I don't make enough to go that way.

    Kievas-- Thanks.


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