Wednesday, January 28, 2009

mockery gets me no where--- I keep being tagged

A week ago, Giggles asked me for a simple request--- tell us 6 things about yourself. I said something like, "Don't hold your breath." Three days ago, my Flickr friend, Mosaic Hippie Chick, tagged me and requested 16 things about myself. Then a dear friend, who I hope to see in February, , tagged me for 25 things. OK, I give, but I am not tagging (thus cursing myself further) anyone.

  1. My one grandmother made me quilts, the other strudel... I have made both.
  2. at 6:15 this morning I found out that snow has given me a day off and that my best friend in Oregon found me in facebook. I can't say when I last heard from her.
  3. despite number 2, I am no fan of snow and would have rather had a sunny pleasant day at work glowing in the joy of being found by my friend.
  4. 20 months ago I did not blog or belong to flickr, facebook, lastFM, Folia, blotanical...
  5. a baptist once called me an anglo-catholic-catholic... he got it right.
  6. The cells in my body remembered yoga after being away for 20+ years.
  7. I know how to grow, harvest, roast, and eat anaheim green chiles.
  8. I favor jazz these days, but in the past in order, I have favored .. ELO, Pink Floyd, The Who, Bob Dylan, The Talking Heads, Nanci Griffith. However, I have always favored Johnny Cash.
  9. I wish I had never taken joy, peace, hope, or love out of another person's life.
  10. I worship a God, who I am not sure exists.
  11. I think God is OK with number 10.
  12. It seems to be a habit now... every summer I fall into silence for 8 days at a Jesuit Retreat Center.
  13. I have taught ... Biology, Geology, Anatomy, Physics, Ecology, and once at my first job, a non-lab Chemistry class. I have also taught other subjects.
  14. My first teaching job had me wearing a uniform and my hair was many many inches shorter... Valley Forge Military Academy.
  15. I once worked with my dad for a summer. That is why I have drafting tools and write in capital letters at times.
  16. I was not a scout for very long, but I did win a pinebox derby.
  17. The worst part of my job--- PAPER WORK.
  18. I have never had a pet with fur.
  19. I dig cats and dogs and other animals with fur.
  20. As an adult, I have moved away from too many friends PA- MA- OR- IL- PA. Now that I have settled down, I know how it feels to be left behind.
  21. I truly believe that one can heal from physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds.
  22. The sunflower in the photo grew taller in one summer, than I have in 45 years. I am glad I can still be amazed.
  23. A yellow-bellied sapsucker once snapped me out of feeling sorry for myself. I saw its presence as a gift.
  24. My mom used to make me banana cakes on my birthday. I married a woman who does not like bananas.
  25. I have had only 2 hair cuts since I started a horticulture program 12.5 years ago. Both were donations to locks of love
  26. and one for good luck... I don't cut myself as much in my glass studio these days... dang, did I curse myself again.... I love the uncertainty of my life that keeps unfolding, so for now that box filled with Band-Aids remains outside my studio.


  1. I confess to a miniscule bit of envy over #1, agree with you on #3, would love to sit down with you and a pot of hot tea, coffee, whatever and discuss #s 9 & 10, think about my 10 years in the Navy while reading #20, and pass on making a list, myself.....

  2. Number 10 and 11 really resonate with me but the whole list is interesting. I've gotten tagged on FB for a couple lists but haven't completed them.

  3. Way more than I would have ever hoped for...thanks for sharing and glad you played along!!

    PS...I'm waiting for hubby to put in the hanger then I will post a picture of your art when it's finally home....

  4. Enjoy your snow day! My kids had high hopes but a few inches doesn't shut us down. We do snow really well.

  5. What a nice gift to share on a snowy day. Words to ponder while listening the insidious drone of the Wii theme music as I try to keep to small children from killing each other (and it goes without saying me killing them). Hmmm, we've done science projects (the joy of baking soda and vinegar) and drug out my favorite game from when I was 8 - Super Sandwich - trying to buy food to make a healthy diet. I was forward thinking way before my time. Then, I actually have to work. Grading midterms. Maybe I'll write a few of the 25 things I've been tagged to write and ignored. You have inspired me.

  6. I klove reading these things! Very interesting. Sorry about the banana cake drought.

  7. Jim--- maybe one day we can have that discussion.

    Kathryn--- I thought if I didn't respond already, then the tags would never end... I know I tempted fate by not tagging others, but why do onto others what one hates being done onto them. snow--- I never know with my school. by lunch time the freezing rain turned to rain and I shoveled slush.

    Giggles--- if you value our friendship you will never tag me again... now you can wonder if I am teasing???

    msklem--- hmmm super sandwich, I missed that one, maybe it was only big in Texas???

    alphawoman--- don't worry there is joy in mudville... my one sister has taken to making banana cakes for holidays!!!!

  8. Great list. I would add that you make amazing bread and that you are planning a road trip to NC in April!

  9. Joy--- how nice of you to show up. My students sold 40 rolls and 8 loaves on Tuesday. As for North Carolina, you know I would do anything to help out a fig tree.

  10. We have more than a few things in common...I can especially relate to 10 and 11 these days.

  11. Kievas--- thanks for stopping by, ten seemed to resonate with many folk who visit me here.


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