Wednesday, January 21, 2009

to do list on a day off

It is 6:15 am and I never make this kind of list...

  • finish the epic stained glass project while listening to Victoria Williams
  • research the evolution of color vision while having a cup of coffee
  • make the seed order already
  • add 5 new photos to Flickr
  • e-mail the garden bloggers who I friended in my last post
  • pack up a stained glass... over at ETSY a person chose one of my pieces of the haystack and I did let myself feel pleased about that.
  • return to doing the daily examen already and not beat myself up for falling away from it.
  • plan out some meals and get the food to make them
  • clean up the kitchen so I can make one of those meals
  • exercise
  • make up a bag of under utilized warm clothing to donate to the Purple Heart folk
  • research plate tectonics
  • take a nap
  • hang out with Mosaic Woman

OK, 60 hours later and I look at the list. Most were completed or partially completed. I didn't plan on having to shovel snow (truly not in the forecast). I didn't expect a friend to call and say "can you send me a description of a gardening workshop, I want to take it to a meeting tonight" (will say more at a later date).

But... I didn't take a nap. I didn't do an examen.

However, last night I sat down with intent to be with God. As is typical, I felt glad that I said hello. It had been a long time.

Obama wants to know what we can do to help this country. Last night I prayed and asked God what I could do for his creation.

and yes, the epic project is done, except for hooks. I still have not seen it with sunshine pouring through. short days, I am so glad they are lengthening. Thus I have no photos, and they won't be shown here until Giggles sees it and I refuse to deliver it at night. Sunday?


  1. Remember? There are no "shoulds!!"

    Methinks a to-do list is as close to should as you can get without saying "Should" out loud... (Though I must confess, they are awfully helpful things to resort to!)

    Well, Sunday will work 'cuz it's the annual meeting... I'll be there, "officially" for only a short time.... the remainder of the time, not so officially... I'm amakin' split pea soup!!!! (and I'll bring a camera, and we can have two strapping fellows hoist your art into the sunshine !) Can't wait...!

  2. You write with very personal touch. I liked it.

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    Naval Langa

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  3. Giggles -- like I said I never make that kind of list and then did not look at it for 60 hours. Will take some photos here on Saturday and bring it on Sunday

    Naval--- hope to have more time this weekend to check out your stories

  4. My wife took one of those "cooking spells" and last night was the first time we've gone to Bob's in about four days. Beans and taters, Cabbage and kale. It's always good eating; but her "gusto" wears out after a few days and, in truth, she cooks for an army. No way is it cheaper than Bob's....

  5. Jim--- it is a good thing to give her a break from cooking for that army.

  6. Researching plate tectonics? What a list. I can relate to lists, but plate tectonics have never made it onto one of mine. Maybe it should.

  7. Beryl-- It was for my geology class. who knows what can show up on a list?


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