Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My job --- a blessing and a good gig

I stumbled into teaching and there have been jobs along the way that I would not have described as a blessing or a good gig. But now I do say such things about my job. Sadly blessings and good gigs don't mean perfect and trouble free. Angst still arises, but I am in awe that my professional life has landed. I continue to leave this blog open to all who can stumble here and apparently at least one student and his family has done just that. My science classes are often interrupted with back in the day stories of life growing up or in Oregon or in Massachusetts or in Illinois. Do I wish for my students to be reading this blog? Not really, but is it the end of the world? Just like I don't wish they would knock on my front door. But I would not slam the door in their face if they did. In the latter case I would explain what is private and what is public. But the truth is I keep this blog public, so all I can do is keep it a place where I would bore them to death. That is my hope.
Now I have gone public with my life at work. With permission from the leaders at the school, I have started a blog about the horticulture program. Here is a photo from 2002 of me at the school. It was taken and given to me by friend who has retired and moved to Canada. My hair had grown out, but had not yet turned gray. I am planting bulbs. Mosaic Woman keeps it on her dresser top, apparently it is favored by her too.


  1. I have, at present, only about four or so who comment at my site, but am amazed to discover some who read it: family, friends, both from church and school. Blogging is, indeed, a different form of journaling. I write for myself; but it's always a good idea to try and follow His tug in what actually goes down in print.....

  2. Congrats on the horticulture blog. You are truly blessed if your work and spiritual life have converged.

  3. Jim--- that is so true. May I be mindful of it while posting my thoughts.

    Kievas---- I am still amazed that it happened

  4. I've been thinking a lot about the issue of blogging and public vs. private thoughts. Gannet Girl is excellent at keeping things anonymous. I need to figure this out for myself.

    I really like your new blog header. Beautiful!

  5. Kathryn--- if I knew now.... I would be anonymous. have teachers ever written books while still teaching in which they discuss their lives? I just don't rant much here, not that I rant much anywhere. If I need to rant it goes to Margaret or a close friend. I don't want to read rants so why write them.

  6. "have teachers ever written books while still teaching in which they discuss their lives?"

    I wondered the same the other day. Actually, as soon as I read about students reading your blog I tried to remember if I'd said any swears in the comments or anything like that... :)



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