Sunday, January 4, 2009

trying to focus away from the shoulds into what can be done

After being passed by all the Rocky Balboa wannabes on the steps leading up to the Philly art museum, I let Mosaic Woman take a photo of me "looking less than hip and maybe a bit old." We had just had quite a filling meal at Zorba's Greek Restaurant so between a full belly and age I was no challenge to the joggers. I did remember to hand the camera over to Mosaic Woman and went over to rest on a larger than life pillar. I've been thinking a bit lately on my ability to keep focused. It's not easy.

But I believe it is what we are called to do, so I kept trying to pull myself back today, especially in church. My mind wonders away and away again. If I am there to worship God, then why am I thinking about a blog post or what is for dinner (Black bean soup).
All day "shoulds" have been floating into my brain. It is the last day of a long break and so there is the list of things I had hoped to do and should do before it is over, and a list of things I should do to get ready to go to the school tomorrow. And the seed order hangs over my head and the Eagles made the playoffs, so I combine those two activities with soup making and weed down the flower choices as the game and dinner goes in our favor. Sometimes shoulds do move us into a needed action, but they can also distract us from the present moment. There is a line there to be drawn.
And the "epic project" moves on with only 17 of the 91 pieces left to cut out of glass. I based it on a quilt square called "Bear's Paw" and since she asked for a peek here is the original design still on the drawing table...


  1. There should be no shoulds......

    Yuuummm greek!! (I did greek friday in Bryn of Santorini on the walls taunted me back... )

    And oh! again with the unworthiness.... Thanks for the peek... It's gonna be nothing less than spectaular! And it will go right in the front window for all the world to see!! (Free advertising!)

  2. A good first day back for me, but I, too, had good intentions going into the break and fell short of accomplishing a new exercise to be tried with the boy. Right now I could go for some of that black bean soup. Have never heard of it before, but am quite willing to sample some. Freezing rain tonight and probably a delay in the morning....

  3. OK - I know that I shouldn't covet my neighbor's anything but I am seriously envious of your drafting setup for designing stained glass. The design looks very interesting too.

    I don't think a wandering mind - I prefer curious - can stop even in church. I'm not helped by my 11yo and 14yo who interrupt to ask questions unrelated to anything.

    You just reminded me that I should get my act together on a seed order too. There is always something.

  4. Giggles--- quit judging yourself already. Nonviolent thinking applies to ourselves.

    Jim--- our freezing rain may be here Tuesday night, not like I am in need of a break yet and I do not want the mess it could create.

    Kathryn--- three bedrooms, one for us, two for studios. Mosaic Woman has my dad's old one in her studio. no drafting, just lots of table space to mosaic. when we first got it I used to draw designs on it. the smaller one does me fine. good luck on the seed order.

  5. It's not easy staying focused. I know. Even now I'm thinking about tomorrow and the "worries" of the day to come. I am reminded of a homily our priest gave this weekend in which he asked on what it is we focus before we go to bed: the negatives or the positives. I think somehow this applies to you....don't focus on those shoulds. Remember the graces God has given you.

  6. Other than trying to get ready for Christmas (sorta), I didn't put any shoulds on myself like I usually do each break; it's so not like me actually. Anyhow, didn't get much done and strangely, I seem to be okay with that. Hmmmm... what's up with that? Maybe I've just given up, finally. :)

    Good for you for letting all those Rocky Balboas keep their dumb jogging glory; who needs it? Hey, hubby was watching that eagles game and I caught the end of it. Next game should be a good one.

    Okay you guys, rain? Seriously? Yesterday, the morning temp was -40 (F or C, at that point is the same) with a windchill of of -50 (at that point it's just frickin' cold F or C). Mind you, freezing rain is no picnic either so you have my sympathy there.


  7. We are thinking about next blog posts when we want to be thinking of God because God might be hiding in the blogpost. ;-)

    By the way, I can't see the photo. It didn't post. I'm having trouble posting anything lately ... links, and/or photos

  8. ALL--I used the word should today in my classroom and a student reminded me that the word had been banned.

    unfinishedperson-- I usually don't focus, but it was the last day of break and they flowed in stronger than usual. thanks for sharing the message you heard in the homily.

    Mich--- my wife grew up in Edmonton... she Knows those temps. glad your break went well

    Beryl--- thanks for the smile that came from God hiding in the blogpost...


  9. more violent thinking....

    I LOVE the new header!!!!!!!


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