Saturday, February 21, 2009

driving with uncertainty

My blogger buddy Jim often drives to events with not a lot of certainty of what will be spoken by himself when he gets there. I know the feeling. Last night as I drove over to Gwynedd Friends Meeting House for my spirit group, I was wondering where the spirit has taken me this month. Only four of us show up, and as we sat in silence waiting for the spirit to move us to speak, I breathed in and out.
One by one the others were moved to speak, and I sat, listened, and then after silence asked a question or two.

and resonated. I love that word. Listening to the stories of others, in silence, allows their words to trigger cells in my brain, and I ring with the spirit myself.
My friend, who showed up this year, from my old UCC church, speaks of joy. When asked to say more about the joy of working in a daycare, she speaks of ignoring the negative rants of co-workers (I ring) and connects the joy of little ones with the sadness of a still birth years ago ( I ring as I think of Robin, Linda, and Cozy.)
Next our leader leaps in and speaks of meeting with Jesus. Imaginative prayer. And again I ring as I think of how I have fallen away from my prayer life. When was the last time I placed myself into a story from the Bible? I think of my return to yoga.
Then the other male in the room speaks of a hymn that brought tears to his eyes. Asked about it he recites the words, "precious Lord take my hand..." I am ringing. I wonder if his body quakes as mine has done in the midst of a congregation sing a hymn. I ask, "The music, does it touch your body?"
I am the only one who has not spoken. We have moved clockwise. My resonating body is now ready to speak and I talk about the above and end with my desire to be on the jet stream riding the flow, enjoying my scientific brain and my spirit filled life.
here is my latest ... It is one of the two designs I recently drew during an in-service at work.
what do you see? I see a trillium and I see the trilogy. I am on the jet stream.


  1. Lovely post...

    I, we are not alone....

    Like the trillium, too.. I see analogous colors rotating....

  2. Is that the moon shining through your glasswork, Wayne? I love the image it brings forth...The group setting you describe remimds me much of prayer meetings we held years ago. I loved them, as much or more than the opportunities to speak in ministry. When the Spirit/spirit connects, breast to breast, there's nothing like it...
    Have been struggling with my computer. Router problems, but think I am back once again...

  3. How movingly you've brought us into the prayer of friends . . . resonating with us as well.

    I love your new masthead (is that what you call it?) and the drawing reminds me of a soul released and shooting straight as an arrow toward the divine.

  4. Giggles--- thanks, analogous colors... I could do that.

    Jim--- that is the sun. I left the group feeling connected to more things than one. It was a good night.

    Beryl--- Your words are lovely. I will try to accept them, I try to block myself from too much praise, well I try to block myself from praise in general, but I have gotten better.

  5. I really like the new design and the description of the prayer group. I miss my group very much and this brought me into yours and reminded me why it is important to be quiet with each other... and to talk.


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