Sunday, February 22, 2009

more sad news after yoga--- Yes Indeedy Man has died

Many a public person has died since I started blogging, and finally a tribute...

Several years ago Mosaic Woman and I started listening to jazz, and around here that means you turn to WRTI. We soon discovered a show with a wonderful name, wonderful DJ, and wonderful music...
The Historical Approach To The Positive Music hosted by Harrison Ridley, Jr.
Each week for 4 hours the man would take you through a jazz history lesson, often focussing on the life of one musician. I never listened to an entire show, but you knew he would be there. Well he did miss three shows in 32 years. Then several weeks ago he was missing. Then again. Then a third time. One night I would hear about a severe stroke. The voice on the radio was not comforting about the man's condition.
Thursday, driving home, I hear that he had died. Harrison loved the music and that love came out with a simple phrase, "Yes Indeedy." How many times did we all hear him say this? The song would end, and he would start out with that phrase. To us, he was Yes Indeedy Man.
did I say 4 hours, it was more like 3 hours and 56 minutes, because you knew the man was starting the show when you heard this tune... Blue Horizon by Sydney Bechet. The tune fits my mood.


  1. That is sad. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that famous people are very real people. Sounds like an interesting person and a good show. I love hearing the stories behind the music.


  2. The older we get, the more it seems we become aware that death is a part of life, not easy to embrace, but a piece of the package nonetheless. The clarinet, by the way, (and I think that is what I was hearing) is my favorite...

  3. I wonder if the station has an archive of his programs that they can rebroadcast.

  4. All--- I am so sorry I keep writing about death... and yet another post has been written.

    Mich--- He was a custodian in the Philly schools who also lectured at universities about jazz.

    Jim--- right on with the clarinet.

    Beryl--- something to look into.


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