Tuesday, February 17, 2009

more on love, and I reveal a favored love song

OK, so the last post did not get me any comments, so undaunted I speak more on love...
After Church on Sunday, a friend with little ones and I talked about addictions. She asked me how I stopped. Answer.... I didn't want to lose Mosaic Woman's love. More... We were driving across the country and at the end of that adventure we would be living together in Oregon (yes, some ministers feel we are spiritually ruined, their words not mine). A slip here and there for a few years, but now still in love with M and in love with my job ... it has kept me clean for many many years.
Tonight in the stained glass studio, this song came to me. And there I was twenty years old hoping that someone would love me till my heart stopped. Maybe having flashbacks and dancing while working with glass is a bad idea, but no cuts occurred.
I wish I found the song without video. But hey, I clearly thought I was a freak back then. Took me many years to see myself as just being an imperfect human like the rest of you. The dancing with the floor lamp may just be worth getting past the body parts flashed on the big screen, and to the end.
It was a hard day at the office, because students I care for had a really hard day at the office. Peace be with them. Seeing myself as human, clearly helped in seeing my students as human. No matter how freaky we act at times.


  1. It's good to love and be loved!

    And to be human. I, too, had a student in straits today...and was glad to be able to be present to it all.

  2. Had some problems with the video, Wayne, and am assuming that it was they, not you, who danced with the floor lamp; but, hey, I have a nice image of you in your studio moving to the music. If you're like me, the music is really just a prop for the joy down in your soul....

  3. Hmm - I thought about commenting on the last post but couldn't come up with anything more than I would have picked the festival with more blues. I'm also jealous of all the choices and the plans but jealous is not a pretty emotion so I was quiet.

    Anyway, glad you found a way out that included a way to stay out. I wish you many more years of love and music.

  4. Michelle-- sorry to hear about the student in straits. Those straits come to students of all shapes and sizes.

    Jim--- thanks for trying. Hmmm, what you say about music makes me think of the phrase, "lifts my soul."

    Kathryn--- shouldn't you be cleaning! the internet makes planning these adventures so much easier. I once had a punk (a younger person than I) ask me how I used to find out about concerts. I had to stop and think. How sad is that?

  5. So, all I have this vision of you... making the rooster head movement. I wish I had something more profound to say, but words left when I saw the image. The lamp was just a bonus.

    I had an interesting conversation with one of my former students today (big bro to the boy at Edison). We talked about his addictions and how he's kinda better now. Not sure how you can been kinda better. I spoke a little of my husband's history (not kosher to talk about mine...) and wondered aloud why some can say no and some others not. His response - "I bet your husband still does." I thought his response was interesting. Is it because he can't envision a life free of addiction? Is it because he does not have role models that show him difficult things can be overcome? Has he not find his mosaic woman or other tallisman to help him find positiveness in his life? I pray he will. He's a good kid at heart leading a crappy life. The conversation will continue....

  6. MsKlem--- I so digged the Talking Heads. something about their rhythms just get my feet moving. Tonight, no dancing and I saw blood in the glass studio. We can talk more about addictions elsewhere.

  7. I never listened much to Talking Heads songs but do remember this one. Hadn't seen the video, either!

  8. I wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping by in the garden. Yes, always great to see something new. Beautiful header photo.

  9. Since when did people leaving comments become important to you?! (I'm an extrovert....they've always been important to me...)

    Sweet about MW.... thanks for sharing....everything....

  10. Kievas---- they were my favored band while studying biology.

    Tina--- thanks for stopping back.

    Giggles--- I will post about this one day.


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