Sunday, February 8, 2009

A thin Line

Fridays in geology we discuss a weather related topic and we hit the jet stream this week. Geologically speaking it is a thin line between cold and warm air. After weeks of it being south of us, we are now enjoying the warmth from it going back north.
My friend in Oregon, who has found me, sends a note. She has noticed that I have changed and speaks of a friend who has requested prayers. And I wonder if I have a jet stream myself. It meanders in one direction and I sit in church and feel moved by the spirit. Then later I sit in church and rationally wonder why I even bother to go.
Bird watching seems to linger as part of who I am. At school we are trying to feed birds and I had not seen any till a noisy flock of starlings showed up on Friday. A much hated bird by many a birder, I just hoped that their noise might attract other birds. I didn't wish them to choke to death as I might have in the past. Leaving for the weekend a flock of bluebirds catch my eye and I hesitate before I go to my car. 45 minutes later, a hawk flies across our street as we pull up to our house. We walk not to the house, but to the hawk. A Cooper's, I do believe.
My students ride this meandering wind with me. Am I more interested in having control by being full of authority or do I have the classroom I desire by relaxing and letting more joy and fun enter. Some have told me about this roller coaster and I welcome them to the ride. And thank them for their comments. I learn much from their critiques.
Awareness seems the key as it often is these days. Aware of where my jet stream is headed before it creates a storm I did not see coming. Sometimes I imagine being in the stream, and it feels good.


  1. Hey there!

    I have a different appreciation (understanding/pov) of starlings after reading this nature blog...written by a KOP duo...Please check it out.... It is LOADED with LOTS of really good info....and all referencing local sites (for you and me!) As if we all don't have enough to do or read....check out ""
    (You'll have to back track a few posts, I think.... Then, let me know what you think!)

    I also posted your artwork at my place...have you seen it?! (I don't know how to tell who visits...)

  2. Giggles--- I checked out the site and sad to hear about the poisoning efforts. Not much chance of it being a long term solution even if it worked in the short term.

    I thought I had left a comment at your blog earlier today????

  3. What a great post! I am going to have to focus on letting go of "getting it all right" as I begin teaching and remember that I am starting this teaching adventure because I love chemistry and want to show others its wonders.

    I suspect one of the benefits of your experience is finding that line more easily than I will be able to manage it. My last supervising teacher said that he used to think it was about respect but now he knows that teaching is about making connections both with and for the kids.

  4. one of the daily touchstones for me in my last (stressful) job came as i left the store, often frustrated and angry. on the brief walk to my car, i'd look to the sky and invariably be given the gift of seeing one or more of the red-tailed hawks who had been raised in the fields behind the strip center. they came to be "my hawks" and served to remind me that life went on beyond the walls of my store. a strong reminder that, indeed, the birds of the air did not labor as I did and yet were taken care of by a loving God. humbling, to say the least.

    the jet stream undulates and the environment around us changes in response. a fine day of warm weather and walks thru downtown lansdale has been slammed by the dipping jet stream that is the news from a friend that a third mammogram comes on friday. what words will bring her a warmer week as she waits for friday? i feel inadequate and helpless tonight as i study the moon . . .

  5. I think its interesting that control is at the heart of all of the problems I have as a teacher. Where do I let go and where do I not? If I let go, at what point is it out of control - where I have I lost control. A workshop I just finished with was talking about how to deal with escalating favorite staff developer lady says her mantra is "I don't have to win right now". I have been trying to remember not only that, but also I don't have always have to be right/have the last word/be in control.....

  6. ...I spent some time contemplating just who is in control of what over the last few weeks...

  7. I like "I don't have to win right now" and coming to terms with "control..." and who has it... If only I could ALWAYS keep those thoughts close.....

    Nope. No comments at my place....

  8. Kathryn--- in a gentle way examine your part of things that go wrong and things might get better.

    CSmith--- my prayers are with you and your friend. hope for the best and love her. That is what I hope my friends would do for me.

    MsKlem--- loosen up or no nanaimo bars for you... ahh, it is nice to have some power.

    Michelle--- thanks, I laughed.

    Giggles--- hmmm. It's late. I'll visit your blog another day.

  9. I've been in one of those "in and out" flows of the wind lately myself, Wayne. Enjoyed your post on taking the wrong turn and think it connects with this one. There is a verse, Romans 1:17, that speaks of how it is "from faith to faith", therein is the righteousness of God revealed unto us. In other words, it is not during the high points of our walk with Him that we learn of Him, but in-between those encounters wherein faith is sown within us. We walk through a mystery looking back at what we know to be true, waiting to hear again the whistle of the wind in the mulberry trees.....

  10. Jim--- today I friend walked into my classroom at closing time, I invited them to sit and we sat and chatted for an hour. I don't know how that is connected to all of this, but I think it was.


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