Monday, February 16, 2009

dating and adventures

Mosaic Woman and I try to do plenty of both.
Friday night when left the John Blake concert we were handed a pamphlet for the Berks Jazz festival out in Reading, PA. By the time we fell asleep we had plans for a big date in April.
But first we needed reservations in a historic hotel, but it was filled. So I searched other hotels, but nothing caught our interest and part of the adventure would have been staying where the late night jazz was playing.
So I went a searching and landed at the Cape May Jazz Festival. Now we have been tempted to go in the past, but the emphasis was a bit too heavy on the blues for Mosaic Woman, so onward...
I landed at the Women in Jazz Festival in Washington DC at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Ok, now that is a way to celebrate the beginning of a life shared, but it was the same day as M's spring concert and a gardening workshop I am teaching. onward...
On to our favored place in the Poconos, the Deer Head Inn, but nothing caught our fancy. onward...
So I turned to a closer place, Philadelphia, and we found one amazing jazz concert. Ordered tickets and to make it truly a celebration of our first kiss, booked a room in a historic art deco hotel.
then we went on a cheap date for Valentine's Day. Seniors in the music program at Moravian College give recitals, for free. We showed up in a room filled with folk half our age, well a few years less than half my age. The music by jazz pianist, Jeremy Sweet was just amazing. May he play many more gigs and I just sent him a message at facebook to pass on my best wishes.
now for connections. Friday night we bought a CD by the pianist, Sumi Tonooka, and on the CD she played a cover of Tempus Fugit (this is not smooth, but is cool even if a bit agitating) by Bud Powell. Jeremy Sweet chose that tune for his recital.


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