Wednesday, December 2, 2009

emerging from Lyme disease...

I wish I always lived in a world that was shades of grays, but I am far from perfect. Thus either I am sick or I am well. Lyme disease or no Lyme disease.

and once it is gone then there are no physical, emotional, spiritual issues. Because I am well.

Well, maybe it isn't quite like that...

so what am I trying to do about a malaise that has set in at work...

I am trying to find joy at work by finding things to be grateful for.

I am trying to push myself more at the gym to get my body back in shape so I am ready to garden come spring time.

I am sharing my story with friends and with Mosaic Woman.

I am trying to emerge and heal the wounds that happened to my being this summer.

while doing five craft shows in five weeks. what a hoot that ride has been...

two to go...


  1. I've had that experience with work-related malaise. It's hard to handle, but I try to give thanks that I have a job, when many I know do not.

  2. Other than the Lyme disease and the craft shows, I can relate to much of what else you say here. It is, indeed, much of what is going through my own thoughts right now, not in any doldrums, nor battling depression in any shape or form, but certainly walking through one of those "foggy" areas of life where all you're really sure of is that inner tug on the anchor line.....

  3. Kievas and Jim --- thanks for stopping by and leaving some thoughts. Much to give thanks for. Much to be "foggy about" ;')


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