Saturday, January 16, 2010

Judith... another Apochrypha woman whom I am glad to have spent time with

This is what I learned from Judith...

let folk know that God does not take kindly to demands. When the leaders said to the people, "Give God five more days to solve our woes..." She told them a thing or two.

and this... while others have no plans but to pray, think outside the box and ask God for the skills you need to solve the problem. God may just make you a liar and hero because of your ability to lie.

At school I watch as the girl, who loves flowers and chose a 1000 to plant in this years garden, still helps with the planning. In December she thought she would be seeing all those flowers this summer. Now she has been told she will be leaving this June as the school will no longer have a residential program. Has she made the connection that she is planning for a garden in which she will not spend time. I will so miss her bouncing into my classroom with photos of flowers for me to see on her flashdrive.

Today at lunch my fortune cookie told me I would soon have a change in careers. I briefly signed on to a job website then left. Do I pray to God to have job search skills or to have the compassion to help my students get through the next 6 months?

Ignatius said... don't make big life decisions when in the midst of troubled times.

What would Judith do?



  1. Thank you for the reminder from Ignatius. I was in the middle of just such a decision today.

    Prayers for the next 6 months, and beyond.

  2. Kievas... thanks for the visit. glad my words were helpful


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