Saturday, January 2, 2010

the big Date, after Gorky came jazz and a prayer

On New Year's Day Mosaic Woman and I went down to The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Our busy life as crafters had kept us away, so we planned to see the Arshile Gorky exhibit while I was on vacation. The first plan was changed, when I agreed to make tamales, but that is another story. As for the Gorky exhibit, Mosaic Woman has given it a wonderful tribute here.

The museum has live music on Friday nights so instead of the coat check room, we threw our jackets onto two chairs at a table immediately in front of where the band would be playing. Two hours later I could have stood up, taken two or three steps and shook the hands with the musicians.

The music was what I needed after learning about the traumatic life of Gorky. It was to be duets featuring Tony Miceli on vibes and Kevin MacConnell on Bass, however, they invited two friends, Dan Monaghan on drums... the other friend was the last to show up, but I recognized him when he got there. Larry Mckenna had shown up to play sax. They played one wonderful standard after another. There are levels of uncertainty, like wondering what the band will play next. Tonight they didn't even know. After each tune they would huddle together and we would listen in as they decided what to play. A few tunes in and we decided to stay for the second set.

At intermission we checked out the hall on the ground floor where they keep the crafts. Then wandered back into the American Collection. We had travelled deep in when Mosaic Woman said, "Didn't you blog about that?"

And I stood and prayed for a friend who was in the midst of huge uncertainty. Her husband was in the hospital and she didn't know why he felt so ill. I'm not sure if she does now, but he is better and out of the hospital. The painting commands attention. God is speaking to Mary. Mary is about to agree to God's plan... Tanner's Annunciation. And it is large, 57 x 71 1/4 inches. So I stood and prayed for my friend and her husband. And I imagined something that made me smile... it was a day in the future and my friend, and I were standing in front of that painting, which she so adores.

Then I said, "Lets go listen to some jazz." wonderful sax playing found here



  1. Yet another reason that I need to visit Philadelphia. I became acquainted with that painting through Gannet Girl's blogs and didn't know where it was located. I'm so grateful that you were able to be at that place when she needed prayers. I am thinking, praying, and being there with her (as best I can) through these difficult times.

    I think of you when I listen to jazz. If it has enough swing, I'm there.

  2. Kathryn--- The museum's website lists it as permanent, but has a note saying no one can be certain what will be displayed on any given day. I would imagine they would loan it out for a Tanner show somewhere.


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