Friday, January 29, 2010

somethings you don't want to recall... turkey at valley forge

When I tell folk that I am allergic to turkey, I get two main responses...

1. you can be allergic to turkey????
2. what do you eat on Thanksgiving?

Yes you can. Everything else, but one needs to be careful and when I am not...

I was teaching at the Valley Forge Military Academy when awareness should have kicked in, before the final time I purposefully ate turkey. As my body purged itself, I realized that there had been a trend of my body not reacting well. I had been warned, but not until I was amazingly ill did I decide to never eat turkey again. It was graduation day and it was 90 degrees and it was awful. Do I remember correctly that I put on my uniform and attended graduation?

Wednesday evening I felt no desire to get out of bed to eat dinner, but I did. Sometime around 9:00 I joked that I had been poisoned. Then all night long I remembered how sick I had been that day in 1987. Now for the first time in 23 years of teaching, I have called out sick for two consecutive days.

Those who know us, know we rarely watch TV. However, with the Olympics coming I got the TV all prepared with rabbit ears and all. At some point last night I woke up and realized I was watching an episode of the A-Team, a show I never had had a desire to watch. I ate some crackers, drank more water and amused myself with bad TV. What had been planned as a night out in a historic inn listening to live jazz had been transformed.

You know you are sick when you would rather be watching bad TV then all the other activities that normally fill your day. Yesterday, I wasn't up for any extended time on the computer. Maybe things are looking up. But for now my mug of tea is empty, so I am headed back to where I have been spending most of my time these days.

a place where I have been pondering if the same warning signs have been trying to get me to stop eating chicken.



  1. Hope you get over it soon.... And aren't turkey and chicken close enough...?

    If I can say "enjoy" the down time? Well at least get some good r&r....

  2. Rabbit ears? I thought those things weren't supposed to work anymore? You make me remember my days aboard ship in the Navy, at least a few times getting seasick, learning after my first experience that tea and crackers were as good a remedy as submarines (no waves beneath the surface). Hope you're feeling better, buddy......

  3. Or could it be the dreaded salmonella? Both fowl types are prone to this when left at room temperature for too long or undercooked, or cooked at too low a temperature. I hope you are now feeling better. What an ordeal.

  4. Oh, I hope you are better tonight. Totally wiped out and skinnier than a few days ago, I suppose. Feel much better soon!

  5. ALL--- I am toasty and exhausted but since 8 am this morning I have been "stable" on mostly crackers and water and tea. I also had a spell yesterday when things seemed better but it was less hours than that.

    Giggles--- I have enjoyed watching bad TV, but miss all that normally keeps me from it.

    Jim--- yes, rabbit ears. and thanks for reminding me about getting sea sick while deep sea fishing ;')

    Beryl-- who knows what it was this time, but I have gotten nailed at Thanksgiving buffets so I know the turkey allergy is for real.

    Gannet Girl--- wiped out is the truth. as for weight... I have to work hard to gain weight. was 6 feet tall and 135 pounds in high school. gradually have gotten up to low 170's... so back to the carbs and the gym... well not right now.

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I had several warning signs too, with my allergy to dairy products, before I figured out what was happening.


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