Sunday, January 24, 2010

an examen of my dream life, from the man who rarely remembers a dream

In my last post, I spoke of a fortune cookie telling me I was headed toward a career change. After some dreams this weekend, I am trying to sense what God desires.

dream one... I am directed to a location away from the school. I am with a group of folk who I do not recognize. Then a friend who was laid-off last August tells all of us we have worked our last day. As I am leaving the room, I stop. I am curious as to why I am being told this, since I don't work there. He says, "The school wanted me to tell you." I wake up.

A few minutes later I am back into the dream... I enter my classroom and it has been stripped clean. All my clutter gone. So are the plants. I wake up.

Later that day, I joke that I need to seek counsel from a fortune teller to make sense of these dreams. Mosaic Woman responds, "Do you remember what happened to King Saul?" I do.

Last night I dream again... I am at work and a friend of many years approaches and hands me a card. I say, "Wow." I am staring at page after page of birthday wishes from all the folk I have worked with at the school. I wake up.

Then it dawns on me to take these prayers in an examen. what were the primary emotions were stirred by...

the fortune cookie... curiosity
being laid off... sadness
my empty classroom... despair
a card filled with kindness... joy

and that is all I will say.



  1. I've only had one dream in almost forty years now that I believe was God-given, a few dreams that used to revisit me from time to time, one or two that yet show up on occasion, and several (like one involving a turtle from outer space) so bizarre that one wonders what in the world could have ever birthed it. All, though, are put on a shelf for the most part; and I have found that whatever fear or question I had regarding it will quickly dissolve. Interesting, though, that you continued to slip back into it all again and again....

  2. Jim--- the God inspired part, if any was stopping to examen how each dream made me feel. It makes me smile to think God would have the time to keep sending me dreams till I got the message.


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