Friday, January 1, 2010

best in jazz of 2009... catching up with Curt's help and the Sound of Market Street in Philadelphia

My sister was asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I said, "jazz, " but I wasn't getting around to sending her anything more specific. That is when my friend, Curt, stepped in with a wonderful blogpost which showed me how amazingly far I was out of the loop. So I sent her the link and waited. Christmas day came without any CD's. So much with being curious, now with extra cash I was in charge of choosing. Then Curt put out a second list at his blog, which made choosing twice as hard.

Mosaic Woman had to go to the big city, so I googled "jazz CD philly" and found a place at 15 S 11th street. I made a list of 6 CD's and headed into the city...

well one was already on my list for a few months and they had it... Roy Hargrove's Big Band ... Emergence
Only one of the other 6 was found ... Sharel Cassity ... Relentless

OK, then I had to chose a Wayne... They did not have Wayne Wallace's 2009 CD, but we have been loving his The Nature of the BeatSame with Bobby Broom, CD's to pick, but none from 2009. Again I am happy with what I came home with Song and Dance. Nothing was to be found by hammond B3 player, Akiko Tsuruga or jazz singer Elli Fordyce. I downloaded Elli's Songs Spun in Gold and it became the last CD bought and listened to in 2009, as Mosaic Woman and I went one last time into our studios.

OK, so here it is 2010 and I am still helplessly behind. But that is OK. I will sit back and listen to what Curt has to play ... old and new.

and here is the one on the list I already had...



  1. These days it seems that the internet is the best place to get music that isn't mainstream.

  2. Sunna--- I have been getting some good advice about another place in Philly to check out, but yes, the internet is easier... I'm a bit old fashioned and like CD's, but have bought some on-line


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