Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crafting on Thursdays- 2 passions finally meet for the Audubon Art and Craft Show

... well, unless you count the penguin.

Mosaic Woman and I were put on the waiting list for a summer show, and then with three weeks notice we found out we were accepted. The Audubon Art and Craft Show happens this weekend in Hawley, PA and thanks to it I finally got around to designing some bird sun catchers.

The Abstract Torso (do birds have torsos)

What is happening here is a male red-winged blackbird has both wings arched over its back. The left is seen in full, the right goes high enough to flash colors at a local female. Around here, they are a much better sign of spring than robins which can be seen off and on through out a winter. The blue... well, not all things are what they seem even on a black bird.

The plain and fancy PA Dutchie style...

Flipping through my bird book I was caught by the coloration patterns of the Rose-Breasted Grossbeak. A bird which I see most years that I bother to look for birds, but not close to every day. So unlike the Red-Winged blackbirds that I can see while commuting every day of spring and summer. They are more of a special event.

the realism design...

White-Breasted nuthatches crawl head first down trees and pry into the bark for meals. They like myself are year round residents of Pennsylvania and any trip to Peace Valley Park is likely to give the pleasure of one showing itself to me.

So stop by our booth to see the birds and stop back next Thursday to see if any crafting has been done. I hope so.



  1. Klem... yes it does, in fact the only one in this batch that competes is the nuthatch

  2. The nuthatch is gorgeous, I can feel it flying in the sun!

  3. That nuthatch is so cool! I saw one the other night, which was quite a surprise to me.

  4. Thanks for the kind words... didn't sell a one of them, but hey I sold other pieces and M sold a bunch of crosses she had made for another show, where she didn't sell a cross.


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