Friday, July 9, 2010

Cool things happen at the Lansdale farmers market

last week a dog entered our booth at the Lansdale farmers market. He was quite convinced that there was something way interesting under our tables. The owners said he was acting quite strange and they believed Mosaic Woman's account of the realm of much interest.

But then the dog saw my stained glass hanging over his head and all thoughts of down were forgotten. The owners decided it was a heart that most caught the dog's eye and maybe for the first time ever.... my stained glass became a doggy treat.

It looked something like this... (just in case your dog needs a treat)

now how cool is that!

we won't be there with our booth tomorrow, but we hope to run into these folks when we walk down...

We Are Nutmeg Designs... and we will be back at the market the first Saturday in August

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