Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moon Jazz III with some help

Starting of the Harvest Moon

over on Twitter I asked some help to whittle down all the moon tunes and my friend and amazing jazz drummer Scott McLemore suggested...

Keith Jarret and Charlie Haden doing No Moon at All (thank God there was that fiery moon that started this jazz tribute)

OK, so that is clearly a tune I need to add to my jazz collection, but here one that also did not seem to fit the mood of the evening. I could not find Karrin Allyson's version but here is Norwegian jazz singer Radka Toneff's version of The Moon's a Harsh Mistress

So let us end with another tune that starts a bit blue but ends up bit higher. I am loving this version of Blue Moon by Billy Eckstine

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  1. Cool. Glad you found it. Can't go wrong with Jarrett and Haden! Hi to Margret. Hope you're well.

  2. You got me listening to "moon" tunes yesterday. :)

    Jarrett and Haden's version of No Moon at All may just be my favorite. The way they play it and especially the interplay between Jarrett's left and right hands is awesome. Blue Moon is such a simple but gorgeous tune. I am now inspired to add it to my repertoire.

  3. Scott and Sunna Thanks for the help on my moon jazz journey. The moon must be well pleased with all the great tunes that are about it.


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